Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Kawai K15 Review: Why Has Kawai’s K-15 Been Recieving So Much Attention

otranscribe Stu Harrison and I'm here nearing pianos in Toronto Canada today were to be looking at a piano that's got a very personal past for me the quae K 15 upright piano now the reason it's personal is this instrument was actually the very first piano I ever bought with my own money I grow up with several instruments in my home my mother had an upright we eventually purchased a grant when I got it in university this baby right here was actually the very first instrument that ever graced my own house I had it for 19 years before I finally upgraded and I can tell you is a fantastic. And because of that I've actually sold several to friends colleagues professional players and here's the reason why and it's still something I believe in absolutely is much to this day for the price let's say $5000 or less the K 15 has to be the most consistent well-rounded upright piano I can possibly think of in the entire market to buy and so whether you're a parent who's looking for starter instrument for the kid or maybe you're a professional student or a player in need of something fairly low cost but really really consistent satisfying to play the K 15 just has to be on your list you need to play the instrument try the action you need to experience the tone I'm telling you it's not good to be something that easily beaten for its price range the quae K 15 uses it ADS action which is a very strong very light very fast cop that action that was developed starting all the way back in the 1970s it uses composite materials to replace some of the wood components of the action to improve its stability and climate changes as well as increase its speed because of the reduction in weight and that something you can really feel and notice especially when you're playing other pianos and three for $5000 price range you take it for granted that a piano should behave exactly the same way in July as in January or that playing the very top seed of the bottom may to behave in the same way that just something you would expect but as the price point comes down as you get closer and closer to that dirty $500 and $3000 mark these don't become things to take be taken for granted they literally become luxuries so this is one of the nicest parts about the K 15 is that all of the elements you would expect in a professional upright piano are still very much present without having to feel any compromise the action on the instrument's light it's fast it's easy to play and it's very very easy to control the sound of the K 15 would definitely be the second thing that comes to mind for me and again because the context of how it compares to other pianos [...]

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