Thursday, 30 July 2015

Top 5 Strumming Patterns For Beginner Guitarists!

Strum strum strum. What is one of the biggest game changers for beginner guitarists? Learning more than one strumming pattern! A simple chord progression can be played hundreds of different ways just by changing up the strumming pattern. Some songs are known by their iconic strumming patterns! They make a massive difference in your playing, and are often overlooked. Each pattern takes a while to learn, and your first one is going to be one of the hardest! Most people find it very challenging to coordinate your left and right hand. You can get the chord shape right, but the strumming pattern is all off (or vice versa). The more strumming patterns you pick up, the more experienced you will become and the faster you will learn new strumming patterns! Take a look at these 5 simple strumming patterns for beginner guitarists. They are a good place to start! This beginner guitar lesson covers five essential strumming patterns that every guitarist should be able to play. It's the perfect lesson for newer students that are starting to become confident with simple chord progressions and are looking to develop creativity with their strumming. If you are struggling with how to strum a guitar - this is the lesson for you. Via Best Guitar for Beginners Guide Every great guitarist started their musical journey with some type of beginner guitar. Forsome it was their parents or older siblings guitar. For others it was onethey bought at a pawn shop. For Jimi Hendrix it was a five-dollar, second-hand acoustic guitar. When youre a new musician, your first guitar (or axe as its called) is a make-it-or-break-it situation. Choose a great instrument and youll have a much easier time learning how to play and performing in front of others. Choose poorly and youmay find yourself with a much more challenging and frustrating task at hand. Via 7 Mistakes Every Beginner Guitarist Makes by Corey Palmer For the beginning guitarist, its all too easy to run into pitfalls and stumbling blocks especially when youre trying to learn guitar on your own with online video guitar lessons. Obstacles of all sorts can cause you to form bad playing habits or prevent you from progressing to a higher playing level. Wost of all, they can cause you to get so discouraged that you give up trying. Via

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