Wednesday, 12 August 2015

12 Things You Will Deal With As A Music Major.

1. Getting over your claustrophobia after spending entire days in tiny practice rooms.  2. Instinctually analyze every pop song that you hear in the real world.  3. Develop a love/hate relationship with music stands.  4. Become a photoshop wizard from creating so many recital posters.  Is it bad I laughed aloud at this? #musicmajorproblems #tweetsfromcatlett — Kenni Workun (@KenniWorkun) March 12, 2013 5. Almost die 3 times trying to master circular breathing.  6. Develop Popeye like forearms from lugging your instrument from class to class.  7. Learning that few things in life are worse than walking into a private lesson completely unprepared.  8. When your Facebook newsfeed is completely filled with other music student's event promotion.  9. Realizing that you have not left your practice room in 10 hours and have had nothing other than coffee and granola bars.  10. Spend a week walking around campus with a tuning fork trying to develop perfect pitch. 11. When you loose your place in the middle of a recital.  12. You develop the ability to sleep anywhere at any time.

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