Tuesday, 6 October 2015

5 ways to get the most out of your child’s piano lessons!

1. Find the right Curriculum The right curriculum makes all of the difference. There is quite a range out there. From zero curriculum whatsoever, to a strict regime that sucks the fun out of even the most dedicated students. A good curriculum is a plan. It is a long term strategy for your child's success in music. The definition of "success" varies from student to student. A good curriculum should be flexible enough to provide a strong music foundation for the hobbiest, and provide the tools to explore being a professional musician. The best curriculums will provide a strong sense of music as a language from a a young age. Do not dismiss musical games and colouring sheets as a time filler. These sorts of things are what keep your child engaged while pumping their brains full of vital music knowledge. Seriously. All 9 areas of music should be covered. This is a tricky thing to do. Few pull it off, but it makes a massive difference in the long run.   2. Find the right Teacher You know your child better than anyone else. Once you have found a school that has a strong curriculum, now it's time to decide on a teacher. That teacher needs to have the qualities that your child responds best to in a learning environment. Be sure to ask for the specific teachers credentials and background in teaching. It may take a while to find the right teacher for your child, but it makes all of the difference.   3. Buy the right instrument Finding the right instrument can be a tricky process. It typically comes down to a balance between how much money you are willing to part with, and how far in music lessons a piano will take your child. Yes, a cheap keyboard from Costco will take little Johnny through his first 6 months of music lessons. But much past that, and it will begin working against him. Not everyone needs a $30,000 grand piano, but getting one that will be responsive enough to take your child through many years of lessons will make a difference. Many piano stores provide trade in policies. Unfortunately we know for that not every student will continue with music lessons for the next 10 years, but many will! Starting off with a mid level digital piano is often enough to take your child through the first few years of music lessons!   4. Be involved with your child's lessons If you don't know whats going on in the classroom, how can you help your child at home? Most musical development actually happens at home practicing. Knowing what should be happening during those practice times will make it so much easier to help your child stay on top of his homework. Yes, you are going to inevitably learn some music if your child is taking lessons! This is crucial to your child's success in music.   5. Give relevance to lessons Sign up for recitals! Go to staff [...]

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