Monday, 5 October 2015

Succeed in life, succeed in music, teacher tells students.

Meet William Hamilton- A retired Prince of Wales Public School music teacher. Recently, he was the guest speaker for Suzuki at a general meeting at Trinity United Church. His method of teaching is most notable for teaching children to learn music by ear before moving on to sheet music. Time and time again, this has proven to be one of the best ways to learn music. It pushes students away from reciting, to creating and expressing. This unique style of teaching is mirrored in Merriam's Keyfest curriculum, and has many positive crossover benefits to other areas in life. Hamilton's speech stemmed from his strong belief in the power of music, and how parents can best support their kids as they learn. "It's a passionate thing that really does embrace all disciplines and to look at it as a separate frill is to not understand what the power of music really is," - Hamilton A major speaking point of his talk revolved around a poster hanging in his classroom. "Success in music is success in life." The poster featured a wide range of professionals such as lawyers, doctors, and engineers holding instruments that they play. Via Hamilton urged parents to understand that people of all backgrounds, educations, and occupations can let music be a large part of their lives. It is important to understand that studying music is not reserved for those wishing to make a career of it. There are so many benefits to learning music, it should not be reserved for people wanting to make a living on the bandstand. "And that couldn't be further from the truth. We teach people music to make them into better people and to make a better society." To best support kids who are learning, Hamilton said a parent's greatest role is support, even through adversity. Via I have not met a single musician who at one point or another, had urges to put down their instrument and never pick it up again. At a young age, these urges are even stronger! It is the parents responsibility to be sure children are putting in the time at home practicing. It is not fun to nag children to practice, and most of the time it shouldn't be too much of a chore. I have never heard anyone exclaim "I wish my parents didn't keep encouraging me to practice, and pushing me to learn music". It is an amazing gift to your children that they will cherish for decades to come. "Rather than driving it in, you've got to draw it out." - Hamilton  Via     Music Education Drastically Boosts Academic Success It has been proven by countless studies that playing an instrument does wonders for developing brains. We know that it giveschildrens minds the ability to think in ways that significantly improve literacy leading to better academic success in many other areas. This is called neurophysiological distinction, and the fastest way to develop it, is by learning an instrument. Via Surgeons and Pigs [...]

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